Avoiding Employer Hiring Negligence

It’s easy to hire new employees without doing all your homework — Job Offer Letterand then you may pay the price with a bad hire. Instead consider establishing a company-wide pre-hire screening process that includes Background Checking, skills testing, and even personality profiling. With such practices any business moves from a screening process tied to gut and interviewing skill to a process that validates and verifies what you learned. We risk way too much without such an approach.

David Lewis
Operations Inc – Stamford, CT
Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting
AKA — Mister HR

3 thoughts on “Avoiding Employer Hiring Negligence”

  1. This is some great advice, David. Some organizations opt to do “group” interviews in which a set of employees question the potential new-hire. In other circumstances, companies will invite a candidate to spend a few hours at their office to monitor interaction among the team. No matter how desperately you need to hire, quality should trump urgency no matter what.


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