COVID-19 Webinars

This webinar series has come to a close.
Please stay tuned for additional upcoming webinar offerings!

This is an ongoing FREE webinar series designed to keep business leaders and Human Resources professionals informed and educated in real time as it relates to COVID-19 HR crisis management.

Join us for Tuesday’s event, as we cover:

  • Reopening Guidance – Any new updates released pertaining to reopening offices and bringing employees back to a workplace environment.
  • The Top Ten Questions We’re Being Asked This Month – The most frequently asked questions from our clients surrounding the PPP, employee health and safety, and issues tied to bringing employees back to the office.
  • YOUR Questions – Answers to the questions you have about individual issues impacting your organization.

Each event in this special webinar series will start with a 20-25-minute update from OperationsInc CEO David Lewis and lead into a 35-minute Q&A session. The Q&A event will enable participants to ask questions about issues their individual organization is facing as it relates to their HR response to the continued pandemic.

In addition to answering questions as they come in live during the webcast, we invite all registrants to submit questions prior to the event. You can do so through your registration form or by emailing us at

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