Live, Interactive Web-based Training Solutions

OperationsInc offers a web-based learning solution that closely mimics an in-person classroom environment. All training content is developed to fit the unique needs of your organization and is delivered by a live trainer in an interactive forum.

Our repackaged web-based programs are available at discounted rates through July 31, 2020.

Our team has been delivering live, interactive training events via Zoom technology for several years, and our training team can support your efforts to continue employee learning on a remote basis.

These customized, online events maintain the integrity and impact of our in-person sessions, and provide the opportunity to supply training to employees now, while they may be otherwise less productive working from home.

Courses can be offered in condensed and easily consumable modules that fit your organization’s precise training needs.


Our private sessions are fully customized to fit your needs. Each course is built from a core curriculum, then tailored to match your company’s culture, style, goals, and focus.


Our training sessions are conversational and engaging – we do not lecture.


We employ “Sticky Training” methodology, leaving the participants with better skills to retain and apply.


For more information about our web-based training solutions, please contact us at (800) 307-5513 or

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