Talent Acquisition Assessments

OperationsInc’s team of Talent Acquisition Professionals can provide your firm with an expert and comprehensive review of your organization’s recruiting function.

It is critical that methodologies used to attract talent and fill open positions are strategic in nature, efficient in execution, cost effective and yield the desired results as measured by all involved. OperationsInc can conduct a detailed review of your current processes and methodologies with the goal of identifying opportunities for improvement on approach, execution, and results.


  • We take a comprehensive inventory of current practices and Talent Acquisition processes.
  • A detailed review of all Talent Acquisition related documentation, technologies, tools, and processes will be conducted.
  • On-site interviews will be held with members of your firm’s HR / Recruiting staff, a cross-section of representative hiring managers, some recent hires, and as directed, with leadership.
  • We then prepare a detailed written Talent Acquisition Audit and Assessment report, reviewed live with your team, which will identify gaps in best practices, effectiveness, and efficiency. This report will also include recommendations and resources for next steps in bettering your firm’s Talent Acquisition strategy.

All of our assessments are customizable to fit your firm’s needs. Areas typically reviewed and analyzed via our Talent Acquisition Assessments include:

  • History of the business, including organizational overview and company culture
  • Current recruiting, sourcing, and hiring strategies
  • Overview of candidate selection process, including owners, criteria used to determine best fit, pre-hire testing, and feedback collection
  • Online / digital reach, including job posting content, job boards engaged, social media utilized, online employee and candidate reviews of your firm, and company website career pages
  • Company compensation and benefits structure, comparing to competitor offerings
  • Historical view of hiring track record for trailing 18 months, paired with a review of current hiring needs and a 3/6/12 month view of future headcount objectives

To learn more about OperationsInc’s Talent Acquisition Assessment Services, please contact us at recruiting@OperationsInc.com or call 800-307-5513.

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