Proactive Talent Sourcing

In the past 10 years, the job market has changed. Passive job seekers now represent the top level talent across all industries and role types.

The fact is, this sought after audience does not visit job boards, and they do not visit careers pages on corporate websites. Instead, they wait to be contacted about future opportunities.

More and more companies are realizing that finding the best talent requires them to abandon the “post and pray” approach in lieu of Proactive Talent Sourcing.


  • We work with you to identify the profile of who have historically been the top performing employees within your organization. This profile could include corporate employment history, industry background, and / or educational background.
  • Once the ideal profile is identified, we cast a net to determine where these types of candidates “live”, and from there create a roadmap of contact points to find the type of candidate you are seeking, be it through industry groups and associations, college and corporate alumni networks, researching competitors, or by utilizing our extensive network of databases.
  • We make contact with those individuals identified as potential candidates for your open position. In the majority of cases, if that individual is not interested in the role, they will be able to serve as a referral point for someone of similar background and skillset.

By employing these targeted search strategies, we are ultimately able to significantly improve the quality of those you hire, as well as greatly reduce the time needed to find the right candidate for your organization. 

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