Employee Referral Program (ERP) Design and Execution Services

Sometimes the best source for the candidates you have been searching for has been right in front of you all along — your own employees.

Employees tend to possess a strong sense of what “fit” looks like within their organization. To that end, they are your best recruiters and sales people. As a result, employee referrals tend to bring in more completely qualified individuals — individuals who truly belong in your organization’s culture and oftentimes, go on to become top performers.


OperationsInc can assist you in the development of an effective Employee Referral Program (ERP) designed to find candidates for hire from those who know your culture better than anyone — your staff.  Our services include:

  • Program implementation and design
  • Internal communications development
  • Budget creation
  • Contest development to enhance employee participation in the ERP

Learn more about OperationsInc’s Employee Referral Program Design and Execution Services by contacting us at recruiting@OperationsInc.com or (800) 307-5513.

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