Career Counseling & Coaching Services

OperationsInc can provide the tools, guidance, and support you need to successfully launch and manage your job search.

Our one-on-one career counseling services provide personalized coaching driven by your unique career goals. We will work with you to create an education package and action plan based on your individual objectives and needs.

All support will be built to suit and provided by a dedicated OperationsInc consultant, who will guide you through each step of your job search.

Participants in this program will be able to select a customized package of support, choosing from the following areas:

  • Job search strategy development, including establishing career objectives and formulating a search plan.
  • Resume and cover letter development, including formatting and content creation.
  • Strategies and approaches for application submission designed to make the most impact on hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Skills assessments to identify accomplishments, strengths, and gaps in competencies.
  • LinkedIn profile development and social media best practices.
  • Networking strategies, including in-person and digital approaches.
  • Company “targeting” to identify organizations to which you would like to apply and would be a fit.
  • Tips and approaches for working with agencies and headhunters.
  • Job board utilization and tactics to increase chances of getting “in the door”.
  • Interview skills training, including preparing for phone, video chat, or in-person screenings.
  • Job search etiquette, including communications, outreach, and follow-ups.

private coaching options

Our one-on-one private coaching options include two different tier levels.

Participants can choose their exact areas of focus from the above menu of options.

5 Hour Block

10 Hour Block

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semi-private coaching options

Participants are polled pre-event to determine goals, areas of desired focus,
etc. to determine appropriate group pairings.

Groups not to exceed 5 participants, with content covered drawn from the above menu of topical areas.

Includes 2 hours of group coaching and 1 hour of private one-on-one counseling.


Contact Us

For more information about our Career Counseling Services, please contact us at or (800) 307-5513.

If you are an employer looking to provide outplacement support to your displaced employees, please click HERE.

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