Payroll Platform / System Optimization Services

OperationsInc can conduct a full audit of your payroll system to assess how effectively your group is utilizing your purchased system and technologies, and identify areas for enhancement and / or integration.


The areas to be reviewed and assessed via OperationsInc’s Payroll System Optimization Services include:

  • Platform and technology capabilities vs. current usage levels.
  • Post-payroll procedures and reporting practices, including a review of manual reports. vs. automated system generated reporting.
  • Custom field utilization.
  • Employee information / data entry and maintenance methodologies.
  • Payroll entry processes and procedures, including:
    • Pay data and grid usage
    • Handling of non-exempt employees
    • Payroll information collection practices
    • Forms and other paperwork
    • Payroll processing times
  • Use of system overrides and manual interventions.
  • Review and reconciliation procedures.
  • Integration setups across HR and Payroll technologies and platforms, including PTO, Time and Attendance Software, HRIS, etc.
  • Utilization of self-service functionalities and approval processes.
  • Training recommendations for Payroll and HR teams, as well as staff (as needed).
  • Putting fixes into place (as needed and requested by client).

For more information regarding OperationsInc’s Payroll System Optimization Services, please contact us at (800) 307-5513 or

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