Payroll Data Extractions & Validations

OperationsInc’s team of Payroll Experts can extract your company information from your current payroll system, validate the extracted data, and prepare information for upload into your new platform.


OperationsInc’s Payroll Data Extraction & Validation Services include:

  • Accessing the current payroll account using the client’s credentials and / or special credentials (if set up by client) for the purpose of exporting all core data to a CSV file (or similar).
  • Thorough review of company level information, including:
    • Earnings, deductions, memos, and fringe benefits.
    • Client questions and / or concerns.
  • File preparation for upload into the new platform.
  • Creation of a new employee information template, including:
    • Demographics
    • Tax information
    • Direct deposit information
  • Organization of data into new vendor spreadsheet.
  • Preparation of new vendor templates with employee details for predetermined period of time, as well as:
    • Reviewed and validated company totals
    • Tax return balances
  • Delivery of information to both the client and the new vendor.

For more information regarding OperationsInc’s Data Extraction and Validation Services, please contact us at (800) 307-5513 or

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