Payroll Administration and Management Services

OperationsInc’s Payroll Services are designed to relieve the burden of payroll administration and management, whether you require a dedicated HR consultant for day-to-day payroll administration or need to address an interim emergency need.

We can serve as your outsourced Payroll Administrator/Manager, as well as implement upgrades for new clients or existing clients who are adding or changing services or vendors.


Our Payroll Professionals are able to handle all levels of payroll services, from entering payroll information all the way through to resolving complete payroll tax issues.


Our team of Payroll Professionals have extensive experience liaising with all major payroll service providers and their platforms, a sampling of which includes ADP, Paychex, Namely, Paylocity, and Ultimate.


Our services are delivered on an hourly basis, offering a “pay-for-use” approach, proving to be both economical and well within reach for businesses of all sizes.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s Payroll Services, please contact us at or (800) 307-5513.

Click here for a complete A-Z list of our Payroll services

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