Media Coverage: Talent Acquisition

7/18/2018 The Surprising Benefits of Hiring Refugees
7/15/2018 OperationsInc CEO David Lewis on MSNBC’s Your Business: Attracting Top Talent to Work for You
7/9/2018 Hard Skills or Soft Skills: What Matters Most for High-Performing Teams
6/29/2018 4 Ways Disability Affects How Employers Approach Hiring
2/8/2018 This Is What Recruiters Look For On Your Social Media Accounts
12/3/2017 OperationsInc CEO David Lewis on MSNBC’s Your Business: Grow Smart: Hiring For Skills vs. Experience
12/1/2017 Recruiting Management is Attacking HR’s Human Flaw: Bias
8/31/2017 Recruiters Explain What The Worst Resumes Have In Common
4/16/2017 OperationsInc CEO David Lewis on MSNBC’s Your Business: Key Interview Questions for Hiring Freelancers
4/6/2017 Employers Are Seeking Women Returning from Career Breaks
1/12/2017 It’s Going to Cost More to Hire and Keep Employees
12/2/2016 November Jobs Report, The Hiring Process, and more
11/30/2016 CEO Spotlight – Will Millennials Land A Job During The Holiday Seasons? Find Out What A Job Resourcing CEO Thinks!
11/27/2016 Can Millennials Land a Job During the Holidays?
8/5/2016 Could Your Business Benefit from the Increase in Older Workers?
6/24/2016 Metrics that Matter
6/8/2016 How to Recruit the Passive Candidate
6/5/2016 For the People: Getting Grads Jobs
4/7/2016 Panel Puts Focus on Worker Retention
4/6/2016 Employers Are Seeing the Rise of Boomerang Employees
11/3/2015 7 of the Worst Job Interview Cliches We’ve Ever Heard
9/24/2015 12 Horrible Resume Mistakes Spell Check Won’t Catch
9/9/2015 Drug Testing In the Workplace
8/20/2015 Workwise: “Transparency” Minimizes Recruiting Problems
8/17/2015 Amazon’s Data-Driven Approach Becoming More Common
8/13/2015 How to Talk About Unimpressive Work Experience in an Interview
3/30/2015 OPEN for Discussion: How Can You Write a More Effective Help Wanted Ad
11/20/2014 Recruiters Share Strategies at Fairchester Summit
11/19/2014 News12CT Covers the First Fairchester Recruiting Summit & Awards
11/18/2014 UCONN Stamford Hosts Panel on Hiring
9/30/2014 Coming Home
9/16/2014 OperationsInc Expands Its Space In Norwalk
9/10/2014 The 8 Best Questions to Ask a Job Interviewer
6/25/2014 How to Hire Well
6/16/2014 Job Search Guide – Pre-Interview Prep: Doing Your Homework
5/13/2014 Hiring Goes Mobile
3/6/2014 Norwalk Forum: Flexibility Urged for Workforce
1/28/2014 8 of the Strangest Interview Questions Job Candidates Have Asked
12/13/2013 The Surprising Ways Social Media Posts Bias Hiring Managers
11/30/2013 Stamford / Greenwich Area Business People
9/25/2013 Survey: Mixed Bag for Firms Hiring
7/31/2013 What’s Stopping You from Hiring an Intern?
5/23/2013 OperationsInc & Performance Solutions Group, Inc. Survey Results
5/8/2013 Q&A: What to Do When Interviewing a Weak Candidate
3/6/2013 5 Ways Seasonal Employment Affects Future Job Opportunities
2/23/2013 Business Showcase Interview
2/5/2013 Local Job Market Improves in January
2/5/2013 Online Job Board Predicts January Was a Strong Month for Hiring
10/4/2012 Local Company Puts Job Seekers in Front of Employers
9/5/2012 Survey: Companies Expect to Hire
1/26/2012 Survey Reveals Many Area Firms Plan to Hire in First Half of 2012
3/8/2011 Survey Shows Upbeat Employment Outlook
9/1/2010 Multiskilled Employees Sought as Versatility Becomes a Workplace Virtue
2/25/2010 Business Council, Workplace Team Up on Employment
4/30/2009 For Job Seekers: An Innovation Where the Pink Slip is the Life of the Party
4/12/2009 A Big Boost for Online Networking Sites
3/16/2009 If You Post It, They Will Apply
1/6/2009 Big Fish Move to Smaller Banking Ponds
12/1/2008 Take This Job and Love It
10/31/2008 Service Offers Job-Hunt Training
8/8/2008 Ten Things Every Small Business Should Know When Hiring An Intern
5/29/2008 OperationsInc Returns to Interviewing
8/23/2007 Survey: Firms Using More Background Checks on Job Seekers
4/17/2007 Survey: More Travelers Booking Last-Minute Trips
12/1/2006 Internal Selections: Devise a Policy for Handling Internal Applicants That is Consistent, Fair and Respectful
5/1/2006 Making the Right Choice
3/1/2006 Moms are Getting Jobbed in Interviews

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