Media Coverage: Small Business

5/10/2018 Mixed Grades for Hartford from Connecticut Business Leaders
5/6/2017 Why 60 Percent of Small-Business Owners Want Obamacare Repealed
3/1/2017 OperationsInc Founder David Lewis on the Value of Joining Boards
1/22/2017 Former SBA Nominee’s Backyard, Voices of Small Business
1/11/2017 You’re Going to Be Competing with Businesses Down the Street More Than You Have Been
10/21/2016 Connecticut Small Businesses: What Have You Done for Us Lately?
7/15/2016 Study: Sick-Leave Law Has Benefits for Business
10/21/2015 Crunch Time at Small Businesses as Health Care Demands Loom
9/14/2015 Starting a Business? Greater Norwalk Chamber Has a Program for You
8/25/2015 How an Overtime Pay Overhaul May Affect Small Businesses
3/26/2015 Are Small Businesses Neglecting HR?
10/1/2014 Small Businesses Scramble to Keep Top Staffers
4/9/2014 Special Report: Ageism in Small Business
3/12/2014 Obama’s Overtime Plan Could Cost Small Employers
2/11/2014 Some Small Firms See Little Relief in Latest Health-Law Delay
11/19/2013 OperationsInc Acquires New York State Business
10/4/2013 Region’s Small Biz Community Takes Stock of Health Exchange
9/1/2013 Changing Your Health Plan Due to Obamacare? Survey Staffers First
8/19/2013 Bosses: Avoid These 8 Behaviors That Scare Employees
7/3/2013 ObamaCare Delay: What It Means for Employers
7/3/2013 Q&A on Impact of Health Law Delay on Business
7/3/2013 Obamacare Implementation Delay No Boon for Hiring
6/23/2013 Small Businesses Fear UBS Defection
4/1/2013 Tax Dilemmas Add to Burden of Healthcare Reform for Entrepreneurs
11/8/2012 Business Owners to Obama: This is What You Need to Do Now
10/31/2012 Small Business Struggle in Sandy’s Aftermath
11/28/2011 WorkWise: Small – Business Job Hunter? Be a ‘Doer’
4/24/2010 CRN: David Lewis Interviewed on CT Business Day
2/28/2010 Getting Recognized Online
1/25/2010 How to Improve Your Site’s Search Engine Optimization
1/22/2010 Banks Ramp Up on Small Business Fees
6/23/2009 Businesses Grill Lawmakers Over No Budget
6/20/2009 David Lewis on Rising Gas Prices
5/1/2009 Touch Decisions: Cutting Staff To Make Your Business Survive
3/16/2009 Spreading the Pain Around
10/1/2008 Has Your Business Outgrown Its Web Developer
8/8/2008 Ten Things Every Small Business Should Know When Hiring An Intern
5/16/2008 HR Firms Expands During Slump
8/9/2006 Handling Human Resources in a Small Business
1/24/2005 Human Resources Shift from Inside Out
3/21/2002 Getting Bang for the Buck

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