Remote Work Program Toolkits – Coronavirus Business Preparedness Planning

As businesses continue to navigate the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, remote work programs will remain a critical tool to ensure business continuity while promoting employee health and safety.

Our quick to implement Remote Work Program Toolkits will help your firm successfully launch and manage a remote work program.

Tier I – Webinar & Toolkit

This package includes:

  • A 60-minute live, interactive webinar providing critical and practical training and guidance on:
    • Remote work program logistical setup and rollout (i.e. technology, communication tools, etc.).
    • Remote work best practice guidelines.
    • Employee communication best practices.
    • Management strategies.
    • Compliance considerations, including wage and hour, employee health and safety, data privacy, etc.
  • The accompanying toolkit is comprised of the resources, templates, and guides needed to successfully and legally execute a remote work program. These documents include:
    • Checklist of items that must be considered when launching and managing a remote work program.
    • Public health and safety guidelines, as well as resources to register for to get immediate, real-time updates from the CDC and other relevant agencies.
    • Pay procedure compliance / requirements, including overtime and exempt pay practice regulations.
    • Employee communication templates and samples.
    • Remote work policy templates.
    • Remote workforce guidelines and best practices tip sheet, including how to manage remote employees.
    • List of potential accommodation requests (i.e. travel reduction, etc.) and how to implement solutions.
    • Direction on when and how to roll out portions of this program tied to situational response (i.e. employee quarantines (self, company, or government imposed)), accommodations, or full office closures.
    • List of other compliance items of note.

Tier II – Webinar, Toolkit, & Consultative Support Block

This package contains all the education, training, and documentation as our TIER I package, but also includes four hours of consultative support enabling clients to contact our expert team as needed to answer specific questions that arise tied to their new remote work program.

To learn more our Tier II services, please contact us
at or 800-307-5513.

Our team is here to help your business prepare and manage through this critical time.

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