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Building and Managing Remote and Flexible Work Programs for Your Organization

More and more businesses are offering their employees some form of Flexible Work Arrangements, including telecommuting, designed to meet the ever-growing movement towards a remote workforce.

The drivers are clear:

  • Lack of access to top talent in a commutable distance
  • An emphasis on work-life balance
  • Commuting challenges and traffic that make an 8 hour day into a 12+ hour day when commuting time is considered
  • Enhanced productivity with fewer interruptions

OperationsInc will provide your firm with the insight and expertise needed to develop a strategic, successfully executed Remote Workforce plan that will then deliver flexible work options for your organization while maintaining company performance.


  • We identify and assess the various positions in your company which may be suitable for remote work, and which are not.
  • We help you establish structure and guidelines for work done outside of the office environment.
  • We assess and recommend necessary equipment and technology needed for both you and your work-from-home employees.
  • We educate you on common pitfalls, logistical issues, and insurance considerations driving your plan design.
  • We train your firm’s leadership team on how to best manage remote workers to ensure that these employees are engaged, productive, and are operating as cohesive members of your organization.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s Remote Workforce Building and Management Services, contact us at or 800-307-5513.

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