Labor Law/Compliance Support

The Federal Department of Labor establishes guidelines and a threshold for all businesses in the United States, while each state also carries its own unique set of employment laws, usually varying from the federal standard.

Employers, therefore, carry the responsibility of staying up to date and maintaining compliance with both federal and state labor laws. OperationsInc offers Labor Law/Compliance Support to assist you with this effort.


  • Review of your company’s current policies, posters, size, and business locations to determine areas that may need attention.
  • Assessment of your employee handbook and development of state-specific addendums as needed.
  • Proactive communication as new laws and court decisions impact your business.
  • Guidance on managing your business with a focus on compliance.

Our Credibility

We have an expansive network of resources and databases, supported by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and some of the top Labor Law firms in the country, covering all 50 states. Further, our credibility is bolstered by our growing team of seasoned Human Resources professionals — each unique in their skill sets and industry affiliations, contributing to a vast pipeline of cutting edge information.

Learn more about OperationsInc’s Labor Law / Compliance Support by contacting us at or (800) 307-5513.

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