FMLA Administration

OperationsInc and its team of HR Professionals can serve as your full cycle Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) administrator. Our services are designed to help businesses meet FMLA compliance standards, as well as navigate all resulting paperwork on behalf of our clients.

Whether your business is a covered employer under the FMLA or is covered by state family and medical leave laws, OperationsInc can provide guidance and administrative support.


  • Develop and/or review current policy statements, augmenting as needed, ensuring your firm’s policy is compliant on both state and federal levels with FMLA rules.
  • Develop all federal and state required paperwork to be given to your employees as templates, as well as for each individual case.
  • Assist with the rollout, interpretation, and communication of the updated policy to employees, supervisors, and management.
  • Communicate with all vendors on your firm’s behalf, coordinating and submitting all necessary paperwork, maintaining documentation for employee files, and ensuring no interruption to benefits for the qualifying employee.
  • Communicate directly with the qualifying employee throughout the duration of their leave to ensure all necessary paperwork is obtained until the employee returns to work, and providing them with a direct contact to answer any questions related to their leave or return.
  • Track the FMLA calendar for each employee on leave, ensuring that time taken conforms with required guidelines.
  • Train those in supervisory roles on your FMLA policy, explaining what they should know when an employee requests a leave of absence.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s FMLA Administration Services, contact us at or 800-307-5513.

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