HR Audits via HR Assess

  • Is your current Human Resources setup complete?
  • Are you meeting all Federal and Local employment law requirements?
  • Are your employee files complete?

Not sure?  Ask us… We have the answers.

Using OperationsInc’s HR Assess, we are committed to leveraging our extensive knowledge of the latest HR and employment laws and trends to provide you with the highest level of compliance-related support you need, when you need it. Our HR Audits are designed to:

  • Inspect your current HR infrastructure and methods
  • Identify gaps in compliance, as well as those in best practices
  • Report on our findings
  • Provide advice and direction, as well as forms and documents, allowing you to proceed successfully from here


OperationsInc will conduct a review, be it cursory or comprehensive, that looks at how you presently have your Human Resources function set up within your business — addressing the following key areas:

Organization / Support

  1. Employee Population (how many, where, roles, etc.)
  2. Present methods for managing HR
  3. Programs / Plans / Vendors in place (payroll, benefits, 401k)
  4. History of HR related issues (Lawsuits, Audits, Difficult Terminations)

Employee-Related Documentation

  1. What’s provided to each employee at time of hire
  2. Content of each form and document
  3. Completeness of each (signed, collected, filed, etc.)
  4. Employee Handbook content

HR Practices

  1. On-boarding
  2. Termination
  3. Performance Management
  4. General Administration
  5. Compliance with Federal and State Laws


  • Immediate verbal download on what we have found of greatest concern, along with advice on how to address the most concerning areas, including forms, documents, etc.
  • A written report to follow showing our findings, our recommendations, and in many cases the provision of missing pieces.

Learn more about OperationsInc’s HR Audits via HRAssess by contacting us at or (800) 307-5513.

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