Human Resources Compliance & Best Practices Assessments

OperationsInc’s HR professionals can provide your firm with an expert review of your current HR practices with a focus on compliance and best practices.

For the smaller business with limited in-house HR expertise, we’re there to identify gaps and recommend ways to fill them, including delivering the gap filler. For the larger company with an HR team already in place, we’re there to provide a second set of expert eyes to review current processes and offer ways to improve current practices while identifying gaps and areas of improvement.


  • We match your firm with one of our HR Assessment leaders, who will manage and conduct your detailed HR Assessment.
  • Your designated HR Assessment consultant will get started with an introduction to the process and a list of areas that will be covered, allowing you to prepare in advance.
  • Your consultant schedules an on-site meeting to review your existing HR infrastructure and practices, as well as your company’s history, style, culture, and anticipated future.
  • We prepare and review a detailed written HR Audit and Assessment report, which will identify gaps in compliance and best practices, along with recommendations for next steps to improve your company’s HR functions.
  • OperationsInc can also provide guidance and training to your team to address identified gaps, allowing your firm to strengthen your HR infrastructure.

All of our assessments are customizable to fit your firm’s needs.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s Human Resources Assessment Services, please contact us at or call 800-307-5513.

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