Human Resources Reviews & Assessments for HR Departments

For larger businesses with a fully established in-house HR team, OperationsInc’s team of HR professionals can provide a detailed assessment of the firm’s current HR function.

Whether the HR Department itself would like a third party expert view, or management (or the Board of Directors) would like to evaluate the current HR team, structure, and service delivery, OperationsInc can review all components of the current HR organization and provide a detailed analysis and recommendations.


A dedicated team of senior HR consultants will conduct a complete assessment of the company’s HR function, including interviews with the current HR team, as well as with key internal stakeholders. Areas examined include:

  • Company history, culture, and the leadership in place.
  • Current organizational chart, including any job descriptions.
  • Current HR staff including credentials, tenure, and job descriptions.
  • Specific issues and concerns that are driving the need for the audit.
  • A history of any complaints, lawsuits, or outside audits.
  • Policies and procedures, including those found in the current Employee Handbook.
  • All state and federal compliance requirements.
  • Payroll practices.
  • Current compensation structure.
  • Processes related to:
    • Recruiting
    • On-boarding of new hires, including orientation
    • Day-to-Day HR support
    • Benefits administration
    • Employee information management (HRIS)
    • Employee exit practices (e.g. resignation, termination)
    • Performance management practices

We provide a detailed written report, reviewed live with your team, that identifies gaps and opportunities while providing a recommended path towards improving your company’s HR function.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s HR Assessments for Established HR Departments, please contact us at (800) 307-5513 or

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