COVID-19 Response & HR Crisis Management – Strategic Guidance & Support

OperationsInc is monitoring the business impact of the Coronavirus pandemic extremely closely. We are acutely aware of the economic, business continuity, and humanitarian challenges organizations are facing as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to sweep across our communities.

We have expert teams in place equipped to support your business’s short and long-term HR-related needs tied to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our support of more than 1,600 U.S. businesses, we have an increased and unique visibility of the complexities and unexpected challenges organizations are facing during this uncertain time.

We are here to help. Our suite of HR Crisis Management services are designed to supply businesses with the resources and support needed to successfully continue business operations, limit liability and disruptions, and keep employees healthy and safe:

Our team is here to help your business prepare for and manage through this critical time.

Please contact us at for more information about our HR Crisis Management Services

Additionally, we are hosting a Special Webinar Series every Tuesday and Friday answering your HR Questions tied to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This is an ongoing FREE webinar series designed to keep business leaders informed and educated in real time as it relates to COVID-19 HR crisis management.

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COVID-19 Crisis Management – Strategic Guidance & Support

Our expert team is immediately available to provide the critical, strategic guidance and support needed to navigate business complexities tied to the Coronavirus outbreak. We can help your organization plan a crisis response, answer complex situational questions, and tackle the short and long terms obstacles associated with the impact of COVID-19.

Interim & Emergency HR, Payroll, & Recruiting Support

Coverage for key roles will be crucial should a critical employee be unable to work as a result of the outbreak. OperationsInc’s team can quickly step in on an interim basis to provide continuity of your HR, Payroll, and Recruiting functions.

Employee Relations & Communications

Employee questions tied to business response, accommodations, and overall workplace safety can be expected at a very high volume. We can help you answer these questions, either serving as an escalation point for your HR team or as a direct resource for your employees to contact.

HR Compliance

Support and guidance provided can be tied to managing through liability concerns related to pay practices, HIPAA and privacy laws, state and local leave laws, travel restrictions, quarantine issues, etc. Our team can help you navigate the HR compliance minefield created by COVID-19.

Policy Development

Our team can quickly produce the policies needed at this critical time, including company protocols surrounding remote work, leaves of absence, closures and shutdowns, and public health and emergency response.

Employee Leave Management & Administration

We can serve as your employee leave manager and administrator, providing comprehensive support and guidance. These services span the full lifecycle of an employee leave, from compliance and request processing to managing leave tracking and insurance carrier communications.

Furloughs, Terminations, & Reductions in Force

We can provide both guidance and practical support to manage through temporary or long-term shutdowns caused by supply chain disruptions, economic slowdowns, or inability for workers to do their jobs because your office has closed its doors.

Web-based Employee Training Services

For businesses who plan to take advantage of employee downtime to further training and development initiatives, we can develop and deliver live, interactive online programming to help you achieve your goals.

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