Salary Benchmarking

Leveraging our team of Compensation Experts, our market knowledge via 1,600 clients supported, and our access to some of the most robust salary survey related tools and technologies, we can provide your firm with the independent and expert voice needed to gauge your firm’s compensation strategy against the rest of the market.


The following is an outline of a typical client engagement, whereby OperationsInc will:

  • Work with your team to identify which positions are to be benchmarked against the external current market rate.
  • Craft new job descriptions (if these documents do not currently exist) or update existing job descriptions if documentation is already in place (but does not accurately match the duties performed by employees in that position).
  • Interview key individuals, including managers and incumbents, regarding the positions to be benchmarked.
  • Record current baseline compensation.
  • Assess the current market rate and factors for each benchmarked position as it relates to industry, company size, and geographic location using the top compensation related tools and technologies, or even conduct custom salary surveys on the client’s behalf.
  • Compare current salary structures and pay packages to the extensive mix of subscription based, proprietary and public market data we possess and can access.
  • Communicate findings and recommendations to key stakeholders via a comprehensive written report.

For more information about OperationsInc’s Salary Benchmarking Services, please contact or 800-307-5513.

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