Retaining Your Talent

January 18, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Retaining Your Talent
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We work hard to find talented people. We should work even harder and smarter to keep them. Why is retention critical to the long-term success of your business? The cost of losing your talent can equal 50% or more of that person’s annual salary (tied to recruiting expenses, loss of productivity, and training expenses). Often, your top talent is leaving your organization to work for a competitor. Multiple studies indicate that organizations with effective talent management practices outperform their competitors who don’t have such practices in place. High turnover = low morale/vicious cycle, customer concerns about lack of continuity.

Spend an hour with us and we’ll teach you how to hold on to your top performers.

In this fast moving and highly informational webinar, we will cover in concise, simple terms:

  • Pre-Hire Retention Strategies – Strategic interviewing techniques, salary benchmarking, Pre-Hire testing, and manage education/training on interview skills.
  • Strategies for the First 90 Days – Paperwork distribution before day one, orientation on the company, mentoring/buddy systems, and establishment of regular meetings with managers on progress, etc.
  • Job Structure Flexibility – Flexible job scheduling, job sharing, telecommuting, work/life balance.
  • Compensation Design – Base compensation, benchmarking, salary surveys, local job boards, and the implementation of bonus structures.
  • Other Critical Areas – Performance reviews, employee surveys, time off, recognition programs, voluntary benefits, lunch service, health club memberships, child care programs, sports teams, etc.

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