Reacting to the Wave of Workplace Harassment News

December 8, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 12:15 pm
Reacting to the Wave of Workplace Harassment News
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The past several months have brought an unprecedented flow of news surrounding Sexual Harassment –  specifically harassment in the workplace.

The seemingly daily onslaught of news stories have resulted in understandable concerns from business leaders about how they can and should have addressed similar issues within their own workplaces.

To address these needs and answer critical questions voiced by our current prospects and client base, OperationsInc will be running a Live Webinar and Q&A session on Friday, December 8th.

The event’s focus will include:

  • How and why high profile cases played out in the media result in a rise in overall workplace harassment complaints reported.
  • The importance of assessing your culture and its impact on workplace harassment BEFORE rushing towards training as a solution.
  • How leadership can undermine the power and perception of HR, and how to overcome these types of issues.
  • The importance of having alternative HR/Legal partners when your HR team‘s primary focus is tied to talent attraction and retention.
  • What to do when a complaint arises and your organization has no internal HR / limited HR experience.
  • What good training looks like. What bad training looks like.
  • Best practices in training for awareness and prevention.
  • The basics of investigating claims of harassment, and the outcomes that should follow.

Participants will be encouraged to anonymously post their questions throughout the session, which will then be answered live over the final 30 minutes of the presentation.

PLEASE NOTE – This special event will be geared towards members of Leadership, Ownership, and Senior Management. Owners of the HR functions may also benefit from participating as well.

We hope you will consider attending this timely, candid, and eye-opening event.

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