President Trump and the Workplace – The Impact, How to Adapt, and How to React

March 22, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
President Trump and the Workplace – The Impact, How to Adapt, and How to React
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As things start take shape under the Trump Administration, there have already been multiple ways the workplace has been impacted. Some are tied to (proposed) law changes and the means of enforcement. Others are tied to the polarizing nature of today’s political climate and the resulting differing opinions that have become more and more evident between employees. Business leaders are looking for ways to ensure that culture is maintained, harmony amongst co-workers is restored, and that the business understands changes to the laws and how to comply.

Where do you go for the answers? Here.

Join us for a wide-ranging discussion about the best ways employers can adapt to the changing workplace and employment law landscape. Our sixty (60) minute webinar will include:

  • Immigration – What we know today, paired with what we anticipate may happen tomorrow, and the ways employers can/should start planning for possible changes to the law and practices.
  • The Affordable Care Act – Proposed changes, the likely impact, and a review of a realistic timeline for their implementation.
  • The Job Market – How President Trump’s proposed policies and plans are already heating up an already hot market, and how employers should be prepared to respond.
  • Politically Driven Employee Conflict – Best practices around how to get ahead of workplace conflict before it occurs, along with the Do’s and Don’ts of reacting to issues as they occur.
  • “Taking a Stand” – The pros and cons of openly sharing your political views with your employees.
  • Communication Approaches – How best to disseminate your concerns, along with your policies / guidelines for how you expect your employees to interact and react to the political climate of 2017.

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