On-Boarding Your New Hires – How to Set the Right Foundation for New Employees

November 16, 2016 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
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The recruiting process is tough, with countless hours spent screening, interviewing, and finally selecting someone to become part of your firm. With all that time invested, an equal or greater effort needs to then be put into how to properly welcome, integrate, educate, and assimilate your new hire into your organization. That first impression is made in the first hours and days, and is not something you get to do over. Do it right and the honeymoon lasts a long while. Do it wrong and you increase your chances of losing the new hire and/or leaving a bad taste in their mouths at a time they are highly impressionable. So what steps should your firm be taking from the point of extending your offer of employment through the end of the first 90 days of employment?

Spend an hour with us and we’ll offer some solid advice and direction.

In this fast moving and highly informational webinar we will cover in concise, simple terms:

  • Delivering The Offer – Steps to take and areas to cover upon making your offer of employment.
  • The days PRIOR to first day of employment – Simple steps to follow that engage your new hire before they arrive, and addressing administrative items with minimal impact to your business.
  • Preparing the New Hire for Day 1 – Areas to cover up-front that make arriving that day easier for the candidate and have them more prepared and understanding of the process and expectations.
  • Day 1 – How to choreograph the first day of employment to be an efficient use of time while accomplishing all realistic goals.
  • First 30 days –Steps to take to ensure reach-outs to the new hire occur, and that assimilation is smooth and without incident.
  • Day 90 – Post-hire interviews with manager and employee to gather impressions on the process.
  • Coaching Your Managers – Areas the hiring manager should be addressing and preparing for in advance of day 1 and over the first 30 days.

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