Survey Says A Little Empathy Goes a Long Way to Inspire Workers

7be59f1e-460b-4aac-b1e9-d2993ae0ee59A recent study conducted by employee benefits firm Businessolver found that employees are more likely to work harder for an organization if they feel leadership is in tune with their feelings. Business News Daily reports that:

  • 56 percent of employees surveyed said they are more likely to stay with a company whose management empathized with their needs.
  • 35 percent said that they would leave their current company for a job at the same pay level if it meant going to work for a more empathetic employer.
  • 40 percent reported that they would be willing to work more hours for an employer they felt understood their feelings.

Business News Daily further reports that the survey revealed 60 percent of CEOs surveyed classified their business as empathetic, while less than 25 percent of employees felt their current employer showed empathy towards workers.

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