Student Loan Assistance Key to Millennials

Survey Says Student Loan Assistance Key Millennial Attraction & Retention Tool

A recent survey conducted by fintech startup Self Lender found that 60 percent of millennials surveyed with student loan debt would give up other benefits in exchange for student loan repayment assistance from their employer.

The survey also reported that:

  • One in four millennials would give up working from home, making it the most disposable benefit;
  • One-third of women would give up working from home compared to only one-fifth of men; and
  • The willingness to give up PTO for student-loan repayment decreases with age.

Human Resource Executive Online reports that working from home was the number one benefit millennials were willing to trade to gain debt repayment assistance.

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The information included in this blog post originally appeared in an article from Human Resources Executive Online on January 16, 2019, written by Tom Starner.

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