Rhode Island Paid Sick Time Legislation

The Rhode Island General Assembly has approved a bill “that would require, with limited exception, all Rhode Island employers with 18 or more employees to provide their employees with paid sick time”. The time can be used to care “for themselves or a qualifying member of their families or households”. If signed, employers will be required to provide employees with up to 24 hours of paid leave in 2018, 32 hours of paid leave in 2019, and 40 hours of paid leave from 2020 forward.

Employees may use the leave to care for themselves or a qualifying member of their families or households due to illness or to address or recover from the effects of domestic or sexual violence or stalking. Employers may require third-party certification that an employee’s need for leave falls within the purposes of the bill, but only after the employee has been out of work for three consecutive days, or if the employee has established a pattern of using leave immediately before or prior to a weekend, holiday, or within two weeks of an employee’s scheduled last day of work.

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