Pay Equity Regulations

In 2018, at least eight states and five localities including Connecticut, New Jersey, and Westchester County, NY passed legislation banning employers from asking job applicants for salary history information.

Laner Muchin, Ltd. notes, however, that “only two states, Michigan and Wisconsin, passed state laws prohibiting local jurisdictions from imposing such bans.”

Such laws seek to curb pay inequities among the genders that may occur if prior salary is used as a means of setting compensation.

Employers should anticipate more states, counties, and cities to follow in 2019 as the effort to close the gender wage gap continues.

For more information and a list of states and localities that have already passed this legislation, please click here.

The information included in this blog post originally appeared in an article from J.D. Supra on December 21, 2018, written by Darin Williams of Laner Muchin, Ltd.

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