PA: Workplace Harassment Legislation

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has introduced a set of bills aimed to “improve protections in Pennsylvania against workplace sexual harassment and discrimination”. Philadephia’s WHYY states that:

Wolf’s announcement Thursday with Democratic lawmakers comes amid revelations of misconduct allegations against several lawmakers and state agreements to pay more than $3 million to settle sexual misconduct claims over the past decade.

The proposed legislation would extend the current 180 day period victims have to file a claim to two years.

Additionally, state House Republicans have announced two proposals regarding workplace harassment:

One Republican proposal would create a task force made up of attorneys, victim services professionals, employers, and others to review statewide harassment and sexual misconduct regulations. The other would have the Joint State Government Commission do a similar assessment of harassment and discrimination laws that apply to state employees.

It would also extend anti-discrimination laws to include workplaces with as few as four employees.

For more on the Governor’s potential legislation, please click here.

For more on state House Republican’s potential legislation, please click here.

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