NY: UPDATED Harassment Prevention Guidelines

NY State Issues UPDATED, FINALIZED Guidelines for Harassment Prevention Laws

The NY State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) issued their FINAL materials and guidance on NY State Sexual Harassment Prevention Laws this week. You can find the updated web pages that explain the key parts of the law by clicking HERE.

The original version / draft of the law, which was issued on 8/24/18, had a number of areas deemed by many experts as vague and incomplete. Our team, along with hundreds of other companies, sumbitted comments to the DOL. In response, the state has made some much needed changes and edits.

Key changes and updates of note are as follows:

  • The deadline for completing training, originally announced as 1/1/19, has been changed to October 9, 2019. NOTE – The state is still encouraging firms to complete the training as soon as possible.
  • If your employees received training PRIOR TO TODAY at any time in 2018 that met or exceeded New York State requirements for training, they will need to be trained again on or by 10/9/19.
  • Temporary Employees and Consultants your company secures via a third party firm (e.g. Employment Agency) must be trained, either by the firm who is providing the candidate or your firm. This includes 1099s.
  • Any employee who works one or more days per year in NY State must be trained, even if they are not assigned to a NY-based office.
  • Online training MAY be an acceptable form of training if deemed “interactive”. See the FAQ pages on the NYSDOL website for more details.
  • Managers and Supervisors are REQUIRED to receive training on specific issues, either as a supplement to the base training or as a special separate class for them.

We will continue to keep everyone informed should additional information become available.

OperationsInc and its expanded Training and Development team are immediately available to conduct these required training programs as both in-person (public and open-to-the-public classes) or web-based sessions.

Please contact your OperationsInc consultant or our team at NYTraining@OperationsInc.com with any questions.


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