The equitable administration of policies is one of the hardest thingsbullseye for any organization to achieve. The best way to insure the management team acts consistently is to provide a training session for them on how to administer against the policies and procedures within your Employee Handbook or similar. Getting in front of your team and actively discussing the organization’s take on how to deal with employees that arrive late, the employee who fails to perform, or any situation where the employee is breaching a policy where will help insure that consistency is achieved.

David Lewis
Operations Inc – Stamford, CT
Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting
AKA — Mister HR

One thought on “Consistency”

  1. This is right, David. Meeting, discussing and agreeing on implementing policies as they change and grow for your company is essential – not only for employee punishment but also for employee rewarding systems. Everything within the company policy needs to be administered evenly, so employees feel fairly valued and not targeted. -JMM

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