Policy Consistency


Why do thousands of employers find themselves the subject of an EEOC investigation, DOL inquiry or legal action? In many cases it boils down to one thing – Inconsistency in policy management. Specifically, managers deal with the same employee related situation differently depending on who the employee is….OR managers in different parts of the same company address issues differently. Either circumstance results in the perception, or reality, that the company has two sets of rules for its employees. Since perception, not fact, is what matters, when this circumstance occurs the employee may have the basis for a formal complaint. Identifying one central resource (e.g. HR) to be the arbiter and direction provider will inject consistency. Also, be sure to train your managers on how to implement the policies and practices your firm has established.

David Lewis
Operations Inc – Stamford, CT

Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting

AKA — Mister HR