How Seriously Is Your Business Taking The Swine Flu?

During my interview with Paul Murnane from WCBS Newsradio 88Navigator - Flu Season - 10.30 two
yesterday he asked me about the impact the Swine Flu could have on the area’s businesses and the workplace as a whole. I explained the uncomfortable reality is that until many of those who acquire the disease, those specifically that are normal and otherwise healthy people, find themselves in a hospital or worse, businesses are going to treat the Swine Flu like any other flu. That is a very dangerous poker game a business is playing with the lives of their employees and those they love.

Consider the fact that those most vulnerable have some underlying pre-existing health issue, usually one that compromises their immune system. We’re talking Lupus, Respiratory Disease, under Chemotherapy, HIV and others. So do you think you really know which of your employees is suffering from these and others? Probably not. Defintely not in fact. If people in your workplace with any of these ailments or similar contract the disease they stand a reasonable chance of dying.

It’s time to pay attention to the guidance being offered by the CDC and the Red Cross, as well as your resident HR expert. Learn the facts. Educate yourself on what you should be doing when an employee comes down with the Flu or even comes in contact with someone that has the flu. The consequences of your ignorance could be catastrophic. It could even land a business owner in jail.

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David Lewis
CEO (aka Mister HR)
Stamford, CT