Fundraising / Solicitation in the Workplace

We all love Girl Scout cookies…well…most of us do, but do we also love all the other fund raising activities employees choose to bring to the workplace? There are several cases out there whereby companies were successfully sued for allowing for Thin Mints to be sold, which the company endorsed as an acceptable organization for which to fundraise, but not the fruit for the local church fundraiser as the company saw this as an issue involving an implied endorsement of religion. If you are going to allow your employees to sell items for fundraising purposes set some guidelines and then follow them. Identify when sales can and can’t occur, perhaps even where they should occur. Lastly, having the company reserve the right to approve or deny requests to fund raise is a solid idea and could keep you out of hot water down the road. Overall, be consistent and be prepared to logically and reasonably defend your decisions.

David Lewis
Operations Inc – Stamford, CT
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  1. Thanks for this post. While it’s always a nice gesture to support a run/walk, buy girl scout cookies, etc when there are many employees it can get overwhelming. We have developed a policy where people can leave a form in the common area, such as the kitchen, instead of going from office to office putting people on the spot and taking up company time.

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