EEOC fines B & H Photo $4.3 million

This past week somewhat under the radar the Equal Employment Law BooksOpportunity Commission (EEOC) announced that B & H Photo, one of New York City’s largest retailers, settled a law suit the EEOC filed on behalf of 149 of their employees, all of whom are Hispanic and all of whom were being paid less and given lesser benefits than their non-Hispanic co-workers. The settlement calls for B & H to pay $4.3 million in monetary relief. This is a HUGE amount of money and a very damning and embarrassing discovery.

The idea that a firm could discriminate so blatantly in this day and age is mind boggling. What is a bit more curious though is how such a significant violation and subsequent judgment could somehow slip below the radar when it comes to the local media. We are almost a full week since the release on this settlement was announced and yet only a small regional paper on Staten Island has reported this story. From what I have been able to find The NY Times, Daily News, NY Post and Newsday have not written about this in their papers or online. Why?

On the radio front WCBS News Radio 880 has also not reported the story. Is it safe to assume that they are not covering this because B & H is a title sponsor? Has it gotten to the point where advertising dollars are so tough to come by that our local media outlets give a good supporter of their publication or station a pass? I hope not. That being said I have taken up the task of at least sharing the news with each venue noted by way of an email to their editors. Along with a simple note I have sent this link — So far no one has responded to share with me when I can expect to see or hear their coverage. Hmmm.

Stay tuned.

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