Connecticut: Salary History Ban

Connecticut employers will now be banned from asking about a candidate’s salary history

The Connecticut General Assembly recently approved a bill that will ban employers from “asking, or directing, a third party to ask about a prospective employee’s wage and salary history”.

Wiggin and Dana outline that the prohibition does not apply:

  • if the prospective employee voluntarily discloses his or her wage and salary history, or
  • to any actions taken by an employer, employment agency, or its employees or agents under a federal or state law that specifically authorizes the disclosure or verification of salary history for employment purposes.

Employers can ask about other components of a candidate’s compensation structure, such as eligibility for stock options, as long as there is no conversation regarding value.

If signed by the governor, the law will go into effect January 1, 2019.

Employers should begin reviewing current hiring practices and job applications to remove salary history inquiries in anticipation of this new law.

For more on this legislation, please click here.


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