Case Study: Compensation Benchmarking Services

OperationsInc Assists Client With Compensation Benchmarking Tied to a Planned Relocation

client profile

  • Client had determined the need to relocate its current team from both abroad and within the US to a possible new location in California.
  • Client was seeking an understanding of compensation levels for all roles, as well as consideration of market factors in destination cities.
  • Project included assessing possible cost of living adjustments tied to housing, transportation, and taxes.
  • They chose OperationsInc based on our ability to provide an independent expert voice to assess competitive compensation levels and develop new plans as needed, all while ensuring the company remained competitive in their new market.

what we provided

  • Job descriptions were updated for all affected positions.
  • Baseline compensation for all affected roles was collected and documented.
  • Destination markets were researched.
  • Market data was fully collected, analyzed, and documented.
  • Comprehensive reporting was provided to client, along with associated findings and recommendations.


  • Financial impact of possible relocation provided the final piece to their strategic planning puzzle.
  • Client executed the first phase of the relocation plan.

Learn more about OperationsInc’s Compensation Services

To speak with a member of our Business Development Team about OperationsInc’s Compensation and Benchmarking Services, contact us at or 800-307-5513.

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