Case Study: Talent Acquisition Services

OperationsInc Talent Acquisition Team Takes Client from 20 to 60 Employees

client profile

  • Tech startup in high-growth mode fueled by the receipt of a government contract.
  • With only 20 employees on staff, the client needed to quickly acquire a large number of new hires with specialized skillsets.
  • The new positions to be filled were across a variety of levels and role types.
  • They chose OperationsInc based on our ability to efficiently select top candidates via targeted proactive processes.

what we provided

  • Face time with executive team members and hiring managers to set goals and objectives.
  • Candidate profiles outlining the ideal candidates for each role type.
  • Job descriptions for newly created positions.
  • A company-wide compensation benchmarking and salary analysis.
  • Career Fair (including planning and execution) targeting the client’s specialty industry.
  • An on-site consultant to formalize the candidate assessment process and ensure an effective talent acquisition practice.


  • 40 new employees were hired over an 11 month period.
  • A candidate pipeline was developed.
  • A formalized talent acquisition process and structure was established.
  • The need for a key new employees was identified, including Design and Construction Engineers, Field Technicians, Product Managers, and Assistant General Counsel.
  • OperationsInc continues to act as an ongoing talent acquisition support resource.

Learn more about OperationsInc’s Talent Acquisition Services

To speak with a member of our Business Development Team about OperationsInc’s Talent Acquisition Services, contact us at or 800-307-5513.

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