Case Study: Recruitment Management Services

A growing local manufacturing company in need of top quality candidates for several roles.


A growing local manufacturing company that makes mechanical parts for consumer durable goods was in need of top quality candidates for several different role types. The Client wanted a company to partner with them for the long term on reaching and attracting A+ quality employees with manufacturing experience. Finding these types of candidates can be challenging, as most manufacturing companies have moved out of our area. They preferred to hire locally as opposed to getting involved with having to relocate someone. The Client was not having success working with contingency recruiting firms, nor were they large enough to hire their own internal recruiter.


We provided the Client with a recruiter from our team with experience in retained search to take on this important project. We wanted someone dedicated to this particular company knowing that they were growing rapidly and would need to hire accordingly in order to continue to deliver high quality products, manufactured locally.  We spoke with senior management as well as the hiring managers to ensure that we understood the positions, the challenges, the history of the job openings, and the search history as well. We began by re-writing the position specs with the client’s input, and developed a targeted list of companies where we would search for candidates with experience in this type of manufacturing environment. In addition, we placed targeted ads on behalf of our client when and where necessary, always maintaining the confidentiality of the client company.


Within the first four weeks we found two critical placements. More than a year later, these placements have proven to be very successful in their roles. We now have made over ten successful placements at this client company at all levels – from C level to VP, Director, Manager, Engineers, and Support across functional areas that include Technology, Finance, Marketing, Engineering, Production, Customer Service, Purchasing, and Logistics. We continue to partner with the Client, and they consider us to be an extension of their staff. We are proud to continue to make quality placements that help our Client grow their local manufacturing business and serve their own clients.

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