Case Study: PEO Exit Services

OperationsInc Helps Move Client Off PEO Support, Assists in HR Strategy & Planning

client profile

  • A growing Pharmaceutical Services company had reached the decision to exit their current PEO relationship.
  • The client sought assistance transitioning off of the PEO and establishing service with new vendors.
  • The client also recognized that they would need assistance in establishing HR practices, processes, and structure.
  • They chose OperationsInc based on our experience working with clients to establish a PEO exit strategy and guiding companies through these tricky transitions.

what we provided

  • A detailed transition plan and timeline.
  • An audit of the existing PEO setup.
  • An outline identifying existing gaps in the current HR infrastructure, along with guidance on how to address these critical issues.
  • Recommendations for possible alternate vendors, as well as assistance in vendor vetting and selection.
  • Full transition services for each service area moved to new vendors, ensuring no gaps in coverage.
  • On-demand Senior Escalation Support for the HR team throughout the transition.
  • A new Employee Handbook reflecting updated policies and procedures.


  • The client was successfully migrated to an “unbundled” service model with minimal disruption or incident.
  • Critical HR related compliance and best practices issues were identified and addressed, best serving the client’s employee base while reducing the client’s employee base while reducing the client’s liability / exposure.
  • The client’s HR team was able to smoothly manage ongoing support needs during their entire transition period.

Learn more about OperationsInc’s PEO Exit Services

To speak to a member of our Business Development Team about OperationsInc’s PEO Exit Services, contact us at or 800-307-5513.

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