Case Study: HR Services

OperationsInc Helps European Headquarters Manage US HR Needs


  • Prominent building supply company based in Germany. 
  • Recently established US office based in New Jersey.
  • No US Human Resources professional or experience.
  • Required both support and professional guidance on all HR related matters. 
  • They chose OperationsInc based on our ability to deliver ongoing and as-needed HR support, and to leverage our strategic knowledge and expertise.


  • An audit of current practices and overall HR setup was completed.
  • All identified gaps were discussed with client, and at the client’s direction addressed.
  • A new employee handbook and new hire packets were created in conjunction with the Human Resources professionals at German Headquarters to ensure consistency and cultural content flow-through.
  • Benchmarking was conducted for new employee locations in the US.
  • Payroll was transitioned to a professional payroll platform.
  • rapid yet comprehensive and strategic recruiting effort was developed, defined, and executed for locations in the US and Canada.


  • US Office is fully and legally compliant.
  • All liability that initially existed at time of audit was eliminated.
  • Client now possesses ongoing professional HR support that is comparable to that of their German Headquarters team.

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