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Founder and President of OperationsInc, David Lewis, is viewed as a subject matter expert in the field of Human Resources and Small Business HR issues. The reputation and expertise of David and his team have gained local and national attention. Click on any of the publications below to view those articles in which OperationsInc has been featured.

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Recent Press

7/7/2016How to Manage a Negative Employee

7/7/2016Five Key Questions in Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

7/6/2016Small Business Report: Business is Better Closer to the City
6/24/2016Metrics That Matter

6/21/2016IT Workers at Tenn. Insurer on Edge Amid Outsourcing Rumors

6/21/2016Is It Ever OK to Quit on the Spot?

6/17/2016Earnings Survey Pops in Connecticut

6/15/2016Laid-Off With a Non-Compete? Bill Would Guarantee Salary
6/10/2016Job Fair Looks to Keep Young People in Connecticut

6/8/2016How to Recruit the Passive Candidate
6/5/2016For the People: Getting Grads Jobs
6/5/2016Businesses Question Impact of New Federal Overtime Laws

6/1/2016Career Fair Will Focus on Recent Graduates

5/31/2016"Fit" to Hire?
5/26/2016Will the Overtime Pay Expansion Ruling Affect Your Business?
5/26/2016How to Use Snapchat to Get a Job
5/25/2016How You Should Answer The 10 Most Common Interview Questions
5/25/2016As Heard on the CBIA's Business Minute: The Interview Process
5/24/2016As Heard on the CBIA's Business Minute: The Phone Interview
5/23/2016As Heard on the CBIA's Business Minute: Do You Have a Job Fair Strategy?
5/20/2016What the New Salary Rule Means
5/20/2016As Heard on the CBIA's Business Minute: Tips and Strategies for Resume Building

5/19/2016New Overtime Rules: What You Need to Know

5/19/2016Column: People Survey Needed for Fairfield Job Growth
5/19/2016As Heard on the CBIA's Business Minute: Tips and Strategies for the Job Seeker

5/18/2016White House Announces New Critical Changes to Fair Labor Standards Act

5/18/2016How to Keep Working After You Break Up With Your Work Wife

5/8/2016Report Underscores Sentiment of Many Struggling Workers
5/6/2016Let's Find Out Who Really Lives in Fairfield County

4/22/2016Keeping Politics Out of the Office
4/20/2016Quotable from SHRM's Talent Management Conference & Exposition

4/11/2016The Publisher's Guide to Mass Layoffs

4/7/2016Panel Puts Focus on Worker Retention

4/6/2016Employers Are Seeing the Rise of Boomerang Employees

4/6/2016Boomerage Employees Are Rising in Popularity
2/5/2016Housing, Jobs in High-Tax Connecticut Could Take Hit in Wake of GE Move
1/14/2016Conn. Gov, State Dems Under Fire as GE Ships Up to Boston

1/14/2016What Now? The Aftermath of GE's Move

1/5/2016Employers Should Capitalize on New Year's Fitness Resolutions

1/4/2016Extension for Employers May Mean Trouble at Tax Time for Their Workers

2015 Press

12/4/2015Is Your Staffing Firm Compliant with the Affordable Care Act?

11/24/2015It Can Wait - Even the Job
11/19/2015The New Etiquette of Firing in the Digital Age

11/15/2015The Latest Government Deadline is Looming

11/15/2015Disgruntled Former Employees & Debt vs. Equity

11/13/2015Numbers Belie Perceived Decline in Financial Industry

11/10/2015What Connecticut Loses if GE Moves Its Headquarters

11/3/20157 of the Worst Job Interview Clichés We've Ever Heard

10/26/2015Telecommuting, by the Numbers

10/21/2015Crunch Time at Small Businesses as Health Care Demands Loom

10/13/2015How Office "Bad Guys" Handle the Role

10/2/2015Younique Expands; Cold and Flu in the Work Place; Marketing and Consumer Disconnect

9/24/201512 Horrible Resume Mistakes Spell Check Won't Catch

9/21/2015Affordable Care Act Reporting: This Stuff Just Got Real!
9/16/2015The Unlikely Reasons Why We're More Satisfied at Work

9/14/2015Starting a Business?  Greater Norwalk Chamber Has a Program for You

9/9/2015Your Business: Drug Testing in the Workplace

9/3/2015Obamacare Deadline Looming for Many Cos

8/30/2015Your Business: Independent Contractors vs Employees

8/29/2015Stock Market Volatility Reminiscent of 2008, Local Executives Say

8/28/2015A Four-Day Work Week: Can it Work for Your Small Business?
8/25/2015How an Overtime Pay Overhaul May Affect Small Businesses

8/24/2015HR Firm Establishes ACA Unit

8/20/2015WorkWise: "Transparency" Minimizes Recruiting Problems

8/18/2015How to Leave Your Job Gracefully

8/17/2015Amazon's Data-Driven Approach Becoming More Common
8/13/2015How to Talk About Unimpressive Work Experience in an Interview

8/12/2015Companies Re-Imagine the Annual Performance Review

8/7/2015It's Not Just Netflix: These Companies Get Creative with Perks for Parents

8/5/2015Seven Million Drivers Pledge to Keep Eyes on the Road, Not on Their Phone

6/26/2015Harassment Investigations Require Objectivity

6/2/2015The Employee Benefits That Make a Real Difference

5/20/2015Labor Department to Increasingly Scrutinize Employers in 2015
5/12/2015Time to Let Go? 15 Expert Tips for Firing Employees

5/11/2015Stamford, Fairfield County Add Up on NerdWallet

4/10/2015Company Culture: What Does It All Mean?

4/1/2015Ellen Pao Lost - But Women Are the Real Winners
3/30/2015OPEN for Discussion: How Can You Write a More Effective Help Wanted Ad?

3/29/2015Greenwich Residents Going to Work Later in the Morning

3/28/2015Experts: Sex Bias Case Will Embolden Women Despite Verdict

3/26/2015Are Small Firms Neglecting HR?

3/16/2015SBA Launches InnovateHER Competition

3/4/2015Push to Expand Paid-Leave Law in Connecticut

3/2/2015Winter Storms Warning

2/27/2015Why Won't the Yankees Dump A-Rod?

2/3/2015New Year Brings Increased Department of Labor Scrutiny On Wage-and-Hour Violations

1/28/2015Signs that IBM May Be Preparing For a Round of Job Cuts

1/26/2015CBS Opening Bell Report: Working from Home During a Storm

1/23/2015Business People on the Move - Kelly Kristan

1/9/2015Avoid Spreading the Flu: 4 Strategies Employers Should Use to Promote a Healthy Workplace

2014 Press

12/5/2014Inked and Pierced

11/20/2014Recruiters Share Strategies at Fairchester Summit

11/20/2014Connecticut Adds Jobs for 8th Month in October
11/19/2014News12CT Interviews CEO David Lewis at the Fairchester Recruiting Summit & Awards

11/18/2014Uconn Stamford Hosts Panel on Hiring
10/22/2014Open Office? Add Clear Communication And Attention

10/14/2014New Office Flashpoint: Who Gets the Conference Room?

10/1/2014Small Businesses Scramble to Keep Top Staffers

9/30/2014Coming Home

9/16/2014OperationsInc expands its space in Norwalk 

9/15/2014The 8 Best Questions to Ask a Job Interviewer

8/27/2014Property of the Month: Matrix Investment Group's Matrix Norwalk is filling its remaining class A 180,000 s/f office space

8/22/2014OperationsInc Announces Promotion of Meghan Hopkins

8/18/2014Connecticut Recovery Shows Mixed Fortunes

7/10/2014Is the Skills Gap Real?

6/25/2014How To: Hire Well
6/24/2014Employers Must Weigh Pros and Cons Of Letting Their Employees Work Remotely
6/18/201413 Important Tips For Twentysomethings In Their First Jobs



5/13/2014Hiring Goes Mobile

4/30/2014When the Bad Guy Is the Boss
4/15/2014Concerns Over Overtime
4/9/2014Special Report: Ageism in Small Business
4/4/20145 Ways Seasonal Employment Affects Future Job Opportunities
3/18/20142014 Salary Trends that Will Impact Staffing


Obama's Overtime Plan Could Cost Small Employers

3/6/2014Norwalk Forum: Flexibility Urged for Workforce

3/3/20145 Work Perks Worth Negotiating



Long-term Disenchantment



Should You Date Your Co-Worker?


An HR Exodus?


Some Small Firms See Little Relief in Latest Health-Law Delay


2/6/2014How to: Fire Someone

2/4/2014Another Round Of Snow, Potential Dangerous Ice Blows In
1/28/20148 of the Strangest Interview Questions Job Candidates Have Asked

2013 Press

12/13/2013The Surprising Ways Social Media Posts Bias Hiring Managers

Stamford / Greenwich Area Business People


Don't Bank on This for Career Success


Performance Reviews Get Two Very Different Overhauls at Microsoft and Yahoo


OperationsInc Acquires New York State Business


For Startups, the Holiday Question

11/11/2013Is Competition Killing Your Productivity?

Don't Wait Until the Sneezes Start to Ward Off the Office Flu


The Best Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

10/23/2013How to Avoid the Office Cold (Without Offending Your Coworkers)


For the Under-banked, Payroll Cards Have Two Faces


Sikorsky Forges Ahead with Furloughs


Region's Small Biz Community Takes Stock of Health Exchange


8 Signs You Are Working in a Deadend Company

9/25/2013Survey: Mixed Bag for Firms Hiring

More Private Companies Than Public Make the Top Workplaces List


At New Canaan Country School, Learning to Love Work

9/5/2013How to Deliver Bad News to Employees

Hiatus Interruptus: Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" Return and the Art of Reentering Work

9/1/2013Changing Your Health Plan Due to Obamacare? Survey Staffers First


Sexual Harassment Policy Enforcement Starts from the Top Down


Bosses: Avoid These 8 Behaviors That Scare Employees


When CEO's Refuse Sexual Harassment Training

8/14/2013David Lewis Discusses How the HR Landscape Has Evolved Over the Past Decade and Other HR Topics

Does Increased Optimism About Quality Jobs Apply to Manufacturing?


Brokers See Trend Toward Office Consolidation

7/31/2013What's Stopping You from Hiring an Intern?

David Lewis Discusses Link Between Job Market Optimism and Job Market Movement

7/3/2013Obamacare Implementation Delay No Boon for Hiring

ObamaCare Delay: What It Means for Employers

7/3/2013Q&A on Impact of Health Law Delay on Business
6/27/2013How to Whistleblow Like Edward Snowden Without Blowing Your Career

Before the Job Interview, Do Your Homework


Q&A: What to Do When Interviewing a Weak Candidate


How to Know If Your Telecommuters Are Really Working

4/3/2013ACA 'Play or Pay' Day of Reckoning Looms

Tax Dilemmas Add to Burden of Healthcare Reform for Entrepreneurs


What to Do If Your Flex Work Arrangement Gets Axed


Tackling Tank Tops and Tattoos: How to Set a Dress Code for Your Business

3/25/2013Does Religion Have a Place in the Workplace?
3/21/2013Telecommuting Works, Survey Shows
3/6/20135 Ways Seasonal Employment Affects Future Job Opportunities
3/1/2013Expert Advice on How Sick Pay Policies Pay Off in the Long Run
3/1/2013Planning for the Future with Annual Meetings

Human Resources Firm to Offer PC Training Classes


OperationsInc Announces Newly Expanded Training & Development Programs

2/5/2013Online Job Board Predicts January Was a Strong Month for Hiring
2/5/2013Local Job Market Improves in January
2/4/20137 Career Killers: Taking Your Social Network on the Job
1/29/2013OperationsInc Introduces Two New Training Classes
1/27/2013Firing Lines: Three Surprising Moves that Can Get You Canned

1/23/2013Job Report Shows Annual Employment Decline

1/11/2013Dealing with the Flu in the Workplace

2012 Press

11/29/2012Getting Out In Front of Healthcare
11/8/2012Business Owners to Obama: This is What You Need to Do Now

10/31/2012Small Businesses Struggle in Sandy's Aftermath

10/26/2012CEO of Norwalk-based HR Firm Offers Storm-preparation Tips for Businesses

10/4/2012Local Company Puts Job Seekers in Front of Employers

9/7/2012National job report casts shadow over Connecticut

9/5/2012Survey: Companies Expect to Hire

8/31/2012Concerns About Workplace Safety Arise In Wake of Recent Shootings In NY, NJ

8/23/2012News12 Interviews CEO David Lewis About Today's New Job Seeker

8/22/2012HR Firm Celebrates Move to Norwalk

8/16/2012Job Search 101

7/30/2012News12 Inrterview: July 2012 Jobs Report


6 Reasons to Play Fantasy Football at Work

7/1/201210 Great Entrepreneurial Places to Work

7/1/2012Miller: When Unemployed for a Long Time, Consider a New Approach

6/26/2012OperationsInc Likes New Home in Norwalk
6/20/2012Choyce Peterson Negotiates 7,900 Square Foot Office Lease for OperationsInc Headquarters at 535 Connecticut Ave., Norwalk

6/20/2012HR Consultancy Moving to Norwalk



OperationsInc purchases AllCountyJobs, plans changes
6/1/2012Human Resources Consulting Firm, OperationsInc, Acquires Leading Local Job Board Network,
5/31/2012Human Resources Consulting Firm, OperationsInc, Acquires Leading Local Job Board Network,

5/4/2012Teeing up internships

4/19/2012Can't Afford Employee Training Programs? Think Again

3/29/2012Mega Millions raises tough question for job seekers


Senator wants to slam Facebook door on employees

1/26/2012Survey Reveals Many Area Firms Plan to Hire in First Half of 2012

1/23/2012New survey suggests stability in the workplace

1/11/2012To Blow the Whistle -- or Not

1/4/2012Indecent Exposure: The Downsides of Working in a Glass Office

2011 Press

12/6/2011Small Workplace Aks, Big Career Wins

11/28/2011WorkWise: Small-business job hunter? Be a 'doer'

11/14/20115 Tips For Onboarding Remote Workers


Youth In the Office: Are Engagement Rings A Help or Headache?


Outsourcing Evolves as Employers Think 'Long Term'

NY Daily News
10/7/2011Pleasures and Perils of Paid Time-Off Plans



More Than Just a Hug: Gifts for the Unemployed Take Off

The Wall Street Journal Online
9/26/2011Price of Reclassifying Workers
West Fair Online
9/23/2011Financial Relief
7/5/2011Hemingway Custom Cabinetry, with 4-day work week, builds cabinets, relationships

7/1/2011Survey: Half of Local Companies Have Social Media Policy
Advocate Logo
6/10/2011Survey Says Social Media in the Workplace Needs Limits Logo
3/8/2011Survey Shows Upbeat Employment Outlook
Fairfield County Business Journal Logo
2/11/2011Training wheels in motion?
Human Resource Executive Online
2/7/2011When Junior's in Charge Logo
2/2/2011MS Walk in Stamford Chair Named
1/17/2011US Lags Behind in Offering Family Medical Leave Logo
1/14/2011The Bitching Point

2010 Press

Fairfield County Business Journal Logo
12/30/2010Setting the 2011 Agenda
Fairfield County Business Journal Logo
12/26/2010Meager raises on Main Street
The Advocate Logo
12/21/2010Survey: Modest Raises Expected Logo
12/13/2010Business People: Daymon names Cooper as new CEO
Human Resource Executive Online Logo
11/30/2010Modifying Preconceived Notions
The Wall Street Journal Online Logo
11/15/2010Generation Gap: On Their Bosses, Millennials Happier Than Boomers
Fairfield County Business Journal Logo
10/22/2010Turnover High in the CEO Office
Workforce Management Logo
9/2010Multiskilled Employees Sought as Versatility Becomes a Workplace Virtue

8/24/2010Dealing with Controversy
The Advocate Logo
8/16/2010Stamford-based Indeed Expands Global Presence 
Fairfield County Business Journal Logo
8/13/2010Killings Prompt HR Reassessments Logo
8/4/2010Deaths Shake Up HR Pros

615/2010Swine flu poses risks and questions for business
The Wall Street Journal Logo
5/19/2010When Interns Make Sense

4/24/2010David Lewis Interviewed on CT Business Day

4/2010$200M in Health Bill for Healthy Companies

3/24/2010Fearing Turncoats, Owners Protect Secret Sauce
3/9/2010From Gossip to Attitude, Mistakes can Hurt Careers
The CT Mirror Logo
3/2/2010As business converges on Capitol, labor resumes push for paid sick days Logo
3/2/2010Battle Lines Drawn on Sick Day Bill
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2/28/2010Getting Recognized Online
The CT Mirror Logo
2/25/2010As Business Converges on Capitol, Labor Resumes Push for Paid Sick Days
Stamford Advocate Logo
2/25/2010Business Council, Workplace team up on employment

2/8/2010Interview Mistakes That Can Cost You The Job Logo 

1/25/2010How to Improve Your Site's Search Ranking
American Express Logo
1/22/2010Banks Ramp Up On Small Business Fees
Human Resource Executive Online Logo
1/14/2010Turning Up The Heat
1/7/2010Will Moving to Another City Finally Help You Land a New Job?

1/1/2010The HR/PR Connection

2009 Press

12/23/2009How to Ace the New Job Interview

12/17/2009Interns as good as gold to Silver Census
10/22/2009Zero tolerance on harassment: Accused workers face firing

9/28/2009Companies gird for H1N1 invasion

6/24/2009Businesses grill lawmakers over no budget

5/11/2009How to Increase Your Chances to Land a Job
5/5/2009Tough Decisions: Cutting Staff to Make Your Business Survive

 For Job Seekers: An Innovation Where the Pink Slip is the Life of the Party

 4/16/2009 Tips to Avoid a Job Club Dud
4/12/2009A big boost for online networking sites
 3/23/2009 Workers Want to Show Their Value in the Workplace, Survey Says
 3/21/2009 How A Flexible Work Schedule Can Help You Strike The Balance
 3/21/2009Job Clubs: Group Therapy for the Unemployed
 3/18/2009 If You Post It, They Will Apply
 3/16/2009 Party Your Way to a Job
 3/16/2009 Spreading the Pain Around
 3/12/2009 Healthcare, Technology Still Good Bets for Job
2/25/2009Pink Slip Party
 2/20/2009Martinis, Resumes Served at Job Fair
 1/26/2009All atwitter
 1/6/2009Big Fish Move to Smaller Banking Ponds

2008 Press


Stretching The Holidays: Some Employers Offer Day After as Paid Time Off

12/1/2008Take This Job and Love It

11/02/2008Unthinkably, Yet Unmistakenly, Unemplyed

11/23/2008As Economy Fails, More Jobs Move Offshore
11/2008"Entrepreneurs Are Responding to the Fuel Crisis With Innovative Ways to Help Their Employees Save"

11/2008Low Cost Employee Benefit Programs

11/2008Blue Christmas - Love or Loathe Them, Office Holiday Fests Are Taking A Hit This Year

11/2008Crisis Forces Companies to Cut Raises, Bonuses and Benefits

10/31/2008Service Offers Job-Hunt training

10/2008Has Your Business Outgrown it's Web Developer?

8/2008Ten Things Every Small Business Should Know When Hiring An Intern

8/2008Flextime Has Green Appeal And Lures Younger Workers

7/2008Small Company Perks in the Rise on LI

7/9/2008Some Employers Helping Workers Ease Cost of Commuting

7/2008Beyond Question

6/20/2009David Lewis on Rising Gas Prices

5/29/2008OperationsInc Returns to Interviewing

5/16/2008HR Firm Expands During Slump

1/31/2008Firm Defines Conduct Unbecoming

2007 Press

10/2007New York Voices

10/2007Talking about workplace sexual harassment

8/23/2007Survey: Firms using more background checks on job seekers

6/28/2007Is One Day Off For The Fourth Enough?

5/2007Consultants Can Provide Training To Combat Sexual Harassment

4/19/2007Turning to translation

4/17/2007Survey: More travelers booking last-minute trips

3/2007Circuit City Plan: Bold Strategy or Black Eye?

1/2007When the Office Becomes Your Day Care Center

2006 Press

12/2006Internal Selections: Devise a policy for handling internal applicants that is consistent, fair and respectful

11/12/2006Time for a People Review

11/2006Working Classes - To Exempt or not to exempt?

10/9/2006Lightening the load: Outsourcing finds popularity outside of big business

9/2006For County Department Heads, An Exit Sign


Handling Human Resources in a Small Business

6/2006Employee Magnet

5/2006Making the Right Choice

4/24/2006Be Decisive Yet Sensitive When Terminating Employees

4/7/2006Handbooks in hand - HR Experts preach importance of employee manual

4/2006Goodbye and Good Luck

2/28/2006Moms Are Getting Jobbed in Interviews

2005 Press

1/24/2005Human Resources Shift from Inside Out

2002 Press

3/21/2002Getting Bang for the Buck

“Our OI resource is a tremendous support and we are extremely grateful for her expertise. She is the perfect business partner and I would highly recommend her and OperationsInc.”

VP Human Resources
Manufacturing Company
Thornwood, NY

"To be blunt, our OI resource has done a great job helping us.  I really have no complaints, but I realize we are small and the priority should be less for someone like us, but she has never made us feel that way.  Very responsive and is here when we need her."

Security Software Co.
New York, NY

"Our OI Resource was highly efficient. Her response times were remarkable. In terms of her knowledge of the recruiting field – she was always on top of everything I asked her. She had a wonderful personality and was very easy to talk to / coordinate with. She follows up with everything very quickly, which is hard to find these days. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience with your organization."

Managing Director
Financial Services Co.
New York, NY

"I learned so much from the abundance of information shared. Between the presentation and the guide it was all so thorough. That guide has such an abundance of invaluable information!"

Jackie N.

"Our OI Resource has been great to work with.  Through my interactions with her, she seems very knowledgeable in her area and able to answer any of my questions.  If we do come across something she doesn’t know off hand, she does a great job of doing the research or asking others at OI, and then getting back to me quickly with a thorough response.  She’s also always available if we need to schedule a call or meeting."

Senior HR Manager
Greenwich, CT

“Everyone we deal with is very knowledgeable, responsible, and flexible. We very much enjoy working with our partners at OperationsInc! I don't know what we would do without our OI consultants! OI has long been a valued partner for us as the business has grown over the past 9 years. Without the help of the subject matter experts at OI, we would not have been able to support our management team in the manner expected.”

VP of HR
Leasing & Financial Services Company
Norwalk, CT

“My OperationsInc resource is always a pleasure to work with. I have complete trust in her knowledge and work accuracy. OperationsInc helps make each day a bit easier for us HR professionals.”

Human Resources Coordinator
Medical Products
Wappingers Falls, NY

"Thank goodness for our OI resource, I don’t know where I’d be without her. She is a pleasure to work with. Whenever I am in need she is always there to offer assistance. She is extremely knowledgeable in the HR field. If there is a subject that she is unsure of she immediately reaches out to her sources to help me find the answers I need in a timely manner. I am very glad we have her as our HR support."

HR Manager
Interactive Advertising Agency
Norwalk, CT

"Our OI resource is truly excellent in her craft and came across as a subject matter expert. She interacted with senior level executives with ease, was creative in her approaches, and demonstrated a tremendous amount of patience, which was critical to her success. Her sourcing techniques went well beyond just posting an opening or surfing the web, reaching out and networking with candidates to find us the best people for the job. "

VP Human Resources
Online Marketing Firm
New York, NY

“Our OperationsInc resource is truly an asset to our business. She is very knowledgeable about Payroll and has never hesitated to give us her full attention and expertise. I could not ask for anyone better!”

AVP Human Resources
Stamford, CT