Harassment Investigation Services

Ask Yourself…

  • I have a claim of workplace Sexual Harassment…now what do I do?
  • How do I effectively investigate the complaint, while staying within the guidelines of the law?
  • How do I complete this exercise using an internal resource…and still be seen as objective in my efforts?

The answer…OperationsInc’s Harassment Investigation Services

Harassment Investigation Services

We live in an age where harassment is a dominating presence in the workplace. In the event that a report of workplace harassment is filed, we can conduct your investigation, document the results, offer guidance on handling the outcome, and deliver counseling needed to all parties.

Our Seasoned Staff Produces Measurable Results

  • We are well versed on the laws surrounding sexual harassment, the process to occur, and the right and wrong way to conduct an investigation
  • We have trained over three thousand (3,000) individuals in ten (10) states on Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • We cater to YOUR specific needs, and will learn about the culture, policies, and procedures within your organization in order to provide the most comprehensive and effective solutions

Before It Happens Again…

Preventing instances of harassment before they occur can help you to decrease your organization’s overall liability. Education and Training are effective methods of harassment prevention and will help to better prepare your company in the event that an investigation is necessary. We recommend our Sexual Harassment Prevention Training as a comprehensive solution for your organization.

Learn more about OperationsInc’s Harassment Investigation Services by contacting us at info@OperationsInc.com or (800) 307-5513.

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