Case Studies

Our mission is to partner with clients in a way that addresses their needs and weaknesses, limits their liability, boosts their business, and maximizes their return. Actual examples of our mission accomplishments are provided for your information and review.

Case Study: Compensation Benchmarking Services
OperationsInc assists client with Compensation Benchmarking tied to a planned relocation from both abroad and in the US to a possible new location in California.

Case Study: HR Services
OperationsInc helps European Headquarters of a prominent building supply company based in Germany manage US HR needs. 

Case Study: Training & Development Services
OperationsInc provides financial institution with a university-style training and development program for the company’s management team and high potentials.

Case Study: HR Outsourcing and HR Assess
A leading Financial Services firm with a need to outsource their entire HR function turned to OperationsInc to ensure legal compliance, liability limitation, and overall support for the employees.

Case Study: Recruitment Management Services
A growing Healthcare Service provider with a need to rapidly expand their staff with a limited in-house team to facilitate recruitment and hiring.

Case Study: HR Assess, HR Program, and Process Design
A Publishing and Consumer Services firm with a need to mature the HR function as a result of rapid growth.

Case Study: HR Program & Process Design, Management Training Services
Client with a need to formalize their Performance Management Process.

Case Study: HR Program and Process Design
A Publishing and Consumer Services firm with a need for Interim HR Outsourcing and HR cleanup.

Case Study: Sexual Harassment Investigation Services
Client with a need for an independent third-party Sexual Harassment Investigation.

Case Study: Handbook Development
Client with a need to formalize their policies and procedures, and centralize them in a readily available Employee Handbook.

Case Study: Consultation and Management Training
Client with a need to terminate an employee, yet with legitimate concerns of their legal rights and future liability.

Case Study: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Several clients have engaged OperationsInc to conduct Sexual Harassment Prevention Training; this is one representative example.

Case Study: Recruitment Management Services
A growing local manufacturing company in need of top quality candidates for several roles.

Case Study: Payroll Administration
A Financial Services Client with 100 employees could not absorb the payroll function internally.

Case Study: Payroll Audit
Client in Financial Services with a need to audit current payroll process.

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